Wednesday, 21 March 2007

A low ebb more ways than one. The lowest low tide I have ever seen at Heysham this late afternoon..........and the only opportunity for birding = the 'guaranteed' Little Gulls on Heysham 2 outfall - just 2 x 1st W - and a bonus in the form of 7 Eiders plonking down off the seaward end.

"500+" Pink-feet were seen from JBP flying over Heysham and towards the Lake District early afternoon

Moths springing back to life with 2 Hebrew Character in the trap

Highlighted by 3 x Bottle-nosed Dolphin and 2+ Harbour Porpoise seen c2 miles off JBP........and therefore presumably also off Heysham but no time to look today. At least some of these were also seen at JBP yesterday.