Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Somewhat Anomalous

Anomalous, Heysham NR trap.  Thanks John

Heysham Obs
Anomalous in the moth trap this morning - first SD45 record and first in VC60 for two years.  Most recent records from Gaitbarrows or occasional ones up the Lune valley/tributaries/Birkbank, with one in an east Lancaster garden facing Birkbank.  Also Toadflax Pug

Grounded migrants
Quite a bit around the office and two nets were erected at 0900ish and produced 4 x Willow Warbler & 2 x Whitethroat in 3 quick rounds along with yet another wadge of young Greenfinches (getting on for 50 ringed so far this autumn, a definite revival in fortunes).  c20 Swallow were casually recorded flying south