Monday, 28 May 2007

Yet another surprise if you wait long enough!

Red Nab from Ocean Edge

Heysham Obs
Seawatch north wall 0630ish-1030ish
Gannet- 4
Guillemot - 1
Kittiwake - 1

Arctic Tern - 4
Shag - at least one juv
Rock Pipit - unprecedented record for this time of year of an individual presumably of the form petrosus [unless it is a littoralis which has not budged at all from very similar winter plumage - outer tail feathers not seen very well]. The bird was on the mound and the rocks below the seawall

Ad Curlew Sandpiper still in Conder Creek at at least 0715hrs & again at 1610hrs. The north wind holding up more Sanderling than usual in recent years e.g. 62 at Cockersands today