Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Low key start for seabird migration

Heysham Obs
Very short time spent seawatching saw a flock of 12 Kittiwake heading into the Bay then landing in a closely-packed group on the water. Kittiwake migration, often including some very large flocks, is a feature of the forthcoming month with 800+ on one day last year. On a slightly higher key were flocks of 14 + 4 Red-throated Diver seen flying out of the Bay from the SJ by Ian Hartley. This is an early date for obvious passage birds. ALL mobile seabirds seen from anywhere between Heysham & SJ will be reported here (& reference also made to JBP records).

Ad & 1st W Little Gull outfalls

2 Shag in harbour (thanks to Tom Wilmer for this record) & 3 seen later on the wooden jetty by Ian Hartley

No sign of north harbour wall Meds by Tom or myself - adult at least presumably definitely gone

Red Kite reported by Redwell Fisheries at 1330hrs (B6254 Carnforth to Kirkby road, about 2 miles east of Over Kellet)