Thursday, 11 July 2013

Least Minor sensation

Heysham Obs

Recent Middleton moth trapping
Following the decent actinic catch the previous night (Silver Hook and Silky Wainscot), a sheet and light session was carried out the following night by John G (night of 9th/10th).   This produced a small minor spp which, in the light of day seems to be Least Minor in pretty perfect condition!

There is absolutely no chance that this has been accidentally transported from the hotspot near Leighton Moss - none were retained from there by John and the car was parked miles away! Pics soon.

The sheet and light session was plagued by flies of various sorts of which a pic might be available soon if it can be transferred from a mobile!

Outfalls/Red Nab
A major test of the 'new' eye saw 3CY and ad Med Gulls identified in the shimmering hordes on Red Nab.  Must do better.  Ad unringed below tarsus, 3CY legs not seen

Green Oak Tortrix was an unusual visitor - this might have come in my car from Millhouses but not aware of any passengers!  Agriphila selasella paid a visit from the local saltmarshes