Wednesday, 20 June 2007

They're back and almost creating a little Atlas dot!

Heysham Obs
Harbour area/outfalls
The pair of adult Black Guillemot were again around the harbour entrance. Two juvenile Shag were on the wooden jetty. Thanks for these Lou. A visit to the Ocean Edge side at high tide failed to produce a single worthwhile sighting, despite 75 Black-headed Gull on Red Nab

Middleton IE
As was the case nearby yesterday, two newly-arrived singing male Reed Warbler. One of these was an expressive individual with a section of the song being quite fast, high and multi-notated before returning to the usual 'chug- chug chug-chug'. This is why 'possible' Marsh Warblers are claimed.

'Good practice' isn't much use if you dont switch it on again - nil moths! However, blended tungsten-ballasted MV bulbs have had a habit of blowing during thundery conditions in the past, especially if the door is opened, creating a sudden pressure change, whilst the thunderstorm is still in the area. Anyone explain this?

"Quite a few" (20+) Red Admiral butteflies around

Three male Red-veined Darter during sub-optimal windy conditions on Middleton IE - this DOES suggest there are quite a lot but when are we going to get good flying conditions to do a proper count? There was also a teneral which appeared to be Red-veined. At least 9 Black-tailed Skimmer. All on 'model boat pond' = first pond you come to. on the right after the entrance

5 young Long-eared Owl calling in the top left-hand two plantations on Leck Fell (road on SE side), also at least one adult seen. Best after 2130hrs.