Wednesday, 16 September 2009

More vis but little grounded

Heysham Obs
The N/NE wind continued to provide a clear sky and rather unremarkable vis.

Office area/Middleton IE 0700-0900
Meadow Pipit - c95
Grey Wagtail - 12 (6 colour-ringed). After about the 175th time of trying, the final bird caught this morning was an adult with e.g. uniformly black lesser coverts. All the rest have been birds of the year. Unfortunately no camera available
Linnet - 3
Swallow - 28
alba Wagtail - 13
Reed Bunting - 2

Ocean Edge very brief visit near high tide
Most of the time was spent trying to work out what was going on fire-wise near the windfarm
Med Gull - ad & 1st W Heysham one (plus 1st W Common Gull)
Black-tailed Godwit - 2

Tufted Puffin on the Swale but has flown off. Dead locally, unless you are 'into' 496 Coot on Pine Lake!