Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Overlanding skuas

Heysham Obs
Bits and bobs of seawatching during the day comprising about 4.5 hours between 0900 and 1700 by three observers. A bit slow.

Arctic Skua: single dark morphs in at 1245 and 1445 and a flock of three (2 dark one light) watched from Jenny Brown's Point flying up the Bay after Hey observations had ceased (c1800hrs). These then spiralled high into the sky and headed overland. In addition, two distant all-dark birds wheeling 'in' during the morning were probably skuas.

Aythya spp: female 'out' was not seen until only rear views were available but was narrowed down to Tufted or Scaup
Manx Shearwater: 2 in
Common Tern: 4 seen (first of the year)
Arctic Tern: just 2 seen
Sandwich Tern: probably no more than 35 seen but difficult to be sure
Gannet: 24 in during the morning
Kittiwake: Flocks of 30 + 10
Whimbrel: 8 out
Swallow: 45 north
Goldfinch: 6 north
Meadow Pipit: 3 north
Grey Wagtail: one "in-off" - very late for migrants

Shag: Up to 4 juvs around
Little Gull: Ad still around in the morning

19 Wheatear and two White Wagtail. "Quite a few" Willow Warbler around in the morning but ringing hampered by wind and only 4 trapped along with a 'new' Blackcap. In common with Walney, this has been a record spring for Blackcap so far.

A tiny deer spp crossed the road at the reserve entrance late afternoon - it was not seen very well but could, I suppose, have been a Muntjac. Nothing however is being claimed at this stage. Please keep an eye open and look for tracks. Thanks

Male Garganey at Pine Lake this morning. Nothing new of interest on the LDBWS postings although the two Ad Med Gulls continue to be seen at Leighton Moss