Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Decent variety during quick incoming tide check

Heysham Obs
Telescoping outfalls/Red Nab etc. from Ocean Edge foreshore on late incoming tide
Manx Shearwater - two out and across but very distant
Black Guillemot - flew alongside the wooden jetty south side then landed on the water near the red buoy
Arctic Tern - adult on outfalls, juvenile on Red Nab
Common Tern - adult on Red Nab
Sandwich Tern - 2 adults on Red Nab
Med. Gull - just the one moulting adult
Little Gull - 2nd S moulting to adult winter, two 1st S moulting to 2nd W
Whimbrel - at least 4
Turnstone - 6 s.p. adults on Red Nab

Marbled Beauty and Wormwood Pug surprisingly new for the year in a much reduced catch

Just an ad Med Gull on Morecambe HS playing fields [the metal ring needs reading on this bird!] so far