Monday, 26 July 2010

One for sorrow, two for joy

A couple of mobile phone pics this morning followed by a juvenile Willow Warbler taken by Janet at Ocean Edge.  Note the distance between the tip of the under tail coverts and the tail tip in the Wood and Willow Warblers as well as the more obvious stuff 

Heysham Obs
A bit of ringing training using two nets next to the office hoping for some tits and Greenfinches didnt go as planned.  Quite a few migrant warbler species ended up in the nets and they were highlighted by a Wood Warbler - an excellent record for the BTO challenge list amongst other things.  A juvenile Magpie extended the learning curve for the ringing trainee and then amazingly, after 46 years of trying, I managed to extract two Magpies from mist nets on the same morning as another juvenile was caught as the nets were being taken down!

Red Nab/outfalls
Arctic tern - juv
juvenile Arctic or Common Tern - one perched on Red Nab at an 'awkward angle' at high tide, perhaps the above but looked a bit too 'ginger'
Med Gull - adult
Whimbrel - 2

Dun Bar & Least Yellow Underwing new for the year, Straw Underwing topping the bill at 34 and Southern Wainscot best of the rest