Thursday, 2 August 2012

A sprinkling of new species for the autumn

Heysham Obs
A couple of recent moths of interest:

The first is Agonopterix liturosa which is a case of "at last" (to quote Steve Palmer) with respect to Heysham and indeed VC60 this millenium as there is plenty of the larval foodplant, St John's Wort species, here.  The second is Elachista atricomella, perhaps a consequence of the cataract operations as regards actually noticing it.  Thanks to Alan Draper and Janet respectively for the pics 

Office area
Garden Warbler - one ringed (do not breed here) - first of the autumn
Grasshopper Warbler - again singing from the tank farm
Willow Warbler - low single figures of presumed migrants around (2 ringed)
Grey Wagtail - first of the autumn south
Swallow - c20 perhaps southbound migrants

Red Nab/Ocean Edge area incoming tide
Disruption from a gang of surveyors on quad bikes etc. seemed to displace all the Redshank
Med Gull - 2 juvs (unringed), 2 adults, 2 2CY
Little Gull - no sign
Grey Plover - now up to 116
Bar-tailed Godwit - 18
Dunlin - c25 small waders at extreme range seemed to be these
Little Egret - one Red Nab - first of the autumn

New for the autumn were Orange Swift and Ruby Tiger with the most 'notable' being single Dingy Footman, Dingy Shears and White Satin