Friday, 7 September 2012

A week is a long time in weather forecasting

Heysham Obs
As soon as I write a load of rubbish in my local newspaper column about how useless indian summers in September are for 'proper' migrant birding, at least XC Weather suggests that the high will now be collapsing and the result will be sending a load of fresh-gale westerlies our way next week.  The trouble is that they dont look vicious enough for a decent Leach's influx but we will see (Thursday being the flagged -up day).  Make the most of this weekend if you are a fan of late butterflies, dragonflies and other creepy-crawlies.

Ocean Edge and area
Little Gull - adult showing well - seems to have completed its primary moult
Med Gull - 4-5 juvs, 2 adults
Waders - "a lot", Dunlin and Barwits both over 300.  Didnt have time to study due to appointment at the opticians to discuss post cataract op 'floaters' - a real pain when trying to do a vis mig session during blue skies!  A proper wader count will take place on Sunday or Monday afternoon

6 Treble Bar, single Silver Y and Agriphila geniculea highlighted