Monday, 30 April 2007

One that got away?

Heysham Obs
Sea/vis from the north harbour wall
Only time for two hours birding today from a single (known) observer - on the NHW between 0730-0930, although a quick check late afternoon suggested no more Arctic Tern movement at that time.

Arctic Tern - 326, possibly 400+. Usually these are easy to document but the strength of the easterly upperwind seemed to inhibit onward migration to the NE and birds went high into the sky before swirling around and returning to the sea surface. Eventually, all birds still present (the 326 count) flew out towards Fleetwood. Some of the birds may have gone overland prior to this but certainly no more than 70-80 or so.

Tern spp - As the experienced observer described: 'a distant white tern with long tail streamers' was with an unfortunately distant flock of Arctic. That is all that could be said about it with no discernable flight mode difference at that range, therefore leucistic Arctic remains an (unlikely?) possibility. Light very good with all the Arctic Terns nearby showing 'consistent' plumage.

Red-throated Diver: 1
Sandwich Tern: 7
Linnet: 2N
alba Wagtail: 3N
Swallow: just a handful early in the morning but impressions of a steady movement later. Sorry to be so vague but a 'work work' day!

Purple Sandpiper still present with 118+ Turnstone

Thanks to David and Jackie Moreton

Shag - just 2 juvs seen today

No proper coverage but the early morning mist nets were unproductive

Ad Spoonbill EM Pool