Sunday, 12 June 2011

Israeli-ringed Lesser Whitethroat

Heysham Obs
Both Middleton and Heysham CES were carried out this morning and both produced major surprises

Middleton CES saw a (probably 2CY) male Lesser Whitethroat loosely accompanying a brood of 'independent' young and therefore presumably a local breeding bird.  This possessed a rather new-looking Israeli ring (Y60214).  This appears to be the 7th Israeli-ringed Lesser Whitethroat to be found in the British Isles, with 9 British-ringed birds in Israel.   These are ringed/caught on spring passage in Israel as the species takes a more easterly route on its spring migration (thanks Richard)  

Heysham CES saw the first Swallow of the year..............bearing a British ring which is definitely not from the local group.  Anyone who rings Swallows will appreciate the chances of this happening are quite small.

"Better than perhaps could be expected" as regards numbers of juvenile birds, given that Middleton has been rather wet and windswept this last month or so.  A few Lesser Whitethroat, Whitethroat and Sedge Warbler plus a single rather "old" juvenile Grasshopper Warbler were caught, with a few juvenile Lesser Whitethroat also caught on the Heysham CES