Saturday, 31 March 2007

Birding by the Office

Heysham Obs
Thanks for doing the early posting John. Having spent the day trying to survey in a north-easterly "gale" on the Humber, the weather is most definitely in 'migrant blocking' mode. The general exception was the on-going passage of Meadow Pipit on at least the west side. However, unfortunately didnt check the pager late afternoon until we were passing through Harrogate, although the bird was presumably sick/exhausted when found (RF Bluetail Easington - later found dead 7pm)

Vis mig
Rook 2 North towards Heysham Head 1107 hrs (1-2 records per year at Heysham, most regularly with migrant Jackdaw flocks in October)
Meadow pipit 287 0820 - 1120 hrs
alba wagtail 5
Goldfinch 3

Middleton IE ponds
Highlighted by two Jay which are surely now breeding in this area. Other sightings included 8 Tufted Duck, 4 Little Grebe, 4 Goldeneye, 6 Mute Swan, 10 Coot and a single Common Snipe

Pretty well zilch as exemplified by just the one Goldcrest being ringed (& the only other bird was a retrap Blue Tit)

Sparrowhawk & singing Chiffchaff on reserve

Three Mediterranean Gulls at Leighton Moss comprising two adults together and a second summer. Small numbers of Meadow Pipit from elsewhere e,g, Aldcliffe, on the Lune valley flightline, was only recording 30 or so per hour & two flocks of up to 20 were seen whilst driving along Heysham by-pass suggests off-passage accumulations in nearby fields feeling it is time to move on. Green Sandpiper seen at Aldcliffe