Thursday, 15 March 2007

still mainly winter mode

Heysham Obs
26 Pink-footed Goose and 8 Whooper Swan north this morning, also seen at the Stone Jetty.

No small landbirds recorded on the 'vis'

Ad & 2 x 1st W Little Gull Heysham 2 outfall

3 Shag in the harbour and what looked like an individual of this species flying into the Bay at long range

Female Stonechat Middleton. Female Pochard still there but just 4 Tufted Duck remaining. 4 pairs of Lapwing and a single pair of Oystercatcher on territory - all round the new pond. Will they stay?

Ad Med Gull in field at northern end of Agnes Ings Lane (Mealbank), Wray this afternoon and 10 Whooper Swan still on the Lune floodplain by Farleton. Nothing new at any other sites.

Pale form of Diurnea fagella, a rather large micro-moth which causes some problems at this time of year as people think it 'should' be in a 'proper' moth book due to its size. Beware! Most specimens are much darker than this but retain the distinctive shape with the long but terminally-rounded forewings. Plus another Small Brindled Beauty at its only Lancashire location (5 close tetrads) to fill the gap! Both taken at Millhouses, near Wray last night.