Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Kittiwake flock on early incoming tide

Heysham Obs
NHW 1000-1015, 1115-1215 and c1420-1430
Kittiwake - Flock of 65 adults in then sat on sea floating in with tide & a singleton, then 10 'in', at lunchtime. Just one behind the IOM passenger ferry
Med Gull - usual 2nd W approaching 2nd S, but no sign of any Ads

Outfall check
Quick checks at 1020 and 1435 just produced the usual 1st W Little Gull

Ocean Edge
3 adult Little Gull offshore mid-afternoon and 12 Twite on the south field; 5 unringed and 7 with Heysham rings on from 2008

came in to roost around 1630hrs. Ad Med Gull Bank End but no sign of the huge number of Rossall Little Gulls off the coast in our area.