Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Weak cold front blocks rather than drops

Heysham Obs
.......apart from Wheatears

Three Goldcrest, a Robin and two Chiffchaff the only obvious 'new' night migrants in the nets
No sign whatsoever of any movement by Coal Tit
Wheatear - 5 (3 OE foreshore, 2 mound, one heliport)

Northbound vis mig
A trickle of Meadow Pipit; 12 0800-0900, 6 1000-1030
4 Pied Wagtail 0800-0900
Reed Bunting - one passage bird ringed at 1030hrs
Siskin - one
Pink-footed Goose - flock of 40 NW

North harbour wall
Twite - the same Askam-ringed bird as yesterday plus 31 others, all ringed at Heysham - a majority of them recently. This is the largest flock seen here without any unringed birds! 5 appeared to fly out to sea. Later a separate flock of 3 unringed birds appeared on the seed.
Linnet - 3 unringed birds at the feeder
Purple Sandpiper - 3 under the wooden jetty, later showing very well under the south harbour wall

Collared Dove collecting nest material in 35Z . Breeding bird atlas records will be shaded in green from now on - please indicate the tetrad. 4 10km squares, never mind tetrads, 'meet' over or under the power station!! Particularly interested in the bits and bobs which might be nesting in the peripheral SD35Z & 36V (the mound end of the NHW). Thanks.
Snipe - 3 Nature reserve marsh

Still a butterfly-free zone! No it isnt - a COMMA saved the day late afternoon!
Single Hebrew Character and Common Quaker in the NR trap, 348 moths less than in the Millhouses (near Wray) 125 MV trap last night and 366 moths less than the previous night at Millhouses!

Two Bittern, presumed to be departing continental birds, left Leighton this evening to the SE, following a 'gull-calling' display (see LDBWS site). Record count of 29 Little Egret at the Leighton roost.