Saturday, 14 July 2007

Spot Red surprise, intriguing Black Guillemots and a few seabirds

Heysham Obs

Seawatching c0900-1100
A bit since it was worth its own section!

Bonxie: A coast-hugger approached along the seawall by the outfalls, flew the length of the wooden jetty then turned and flew into the Bay at great speed at c0925hrs
Skua spp: What looked like a dark Arctic wheeled into the Bay along the shipping lane at high speed as viewed (unfortunately) from Ocean Edge foreshore at 1040hrs
Manx Shearwater: 2
Gannet: 13
Fulmar: 3
Dunlin: 5 flocks totalling c35 birds out
1st S Arctic Tern on the outfalls for a short period (thanks Gareth)

Outfalls/Red Nab
1st summer Med which flew off towards the Lune Estuary

Spotted Redshank: adult summer flushed from the seawall by a visiting birder just before I arrived - flew south
Black Guillemot: Male flew inshore about 0945hrs (definitely on its own) and sat below the wooden jetty with its mouth opening as though it was calling. I then had to leave the site but in the next ten minutes, it had been joined by the female. Later at least one was sat on the wooden jetty. Interesting.
Shag: There are TWO juvs still around and they were sat drying their wings on the seawall on the harbour side of the sandplant

Imm (or runt) male Grey Seal off the north wall

A very poor catch was 'enlivened' by this advertisers dream, the Dingy Shears:


Negative news on the Pec. Sands at the Allen Pool and little positive news on anything so far