Saturday, 13 January 2007

More of the same

Heysham Obs
Not much time to do any seawatching today; just a quick round of the usual sites

Little Gull: 13 around the outfalls (5 1st W) and 3 other adults flying out of the Bay during 10-15 mins of seawatching. Probably a small passage all day.

Interesting pose by a 1st W Little Gull as it tries to scratch its head in flight. Thanks Simon.

Kittiwake: c18 in the harbour pre-IOM passenger ferry. c25 behind the ferry. c16 on the outfalls. A high proportion of the off-passage birds are 1st W. Please check for rings on any perched on quay edges - it should be possible to read them (Brit rings = two letters followed by 5 numbers)

Shag: very difficult but 17 counted at one point

Guillemot: right in the corner of the harbour by the Shag waterfall

Thanks very much to Sean Gray for this picture

Twite: 4 on the mound feeding station

Med Gull: just the 1st W seen patrolling the N H wall

The Ferruginous Duck on the public hide is still bearing the same lime-green ring albeit faded, making it look translucent and yellowish on occasion. Therefore just the one escape!

Ad Med Gull seen with the Lune valley 'swarms' of BHG/CG - this time near Crook of Lune

European White-fronted Goose still with the feral Greylag flock at Aldcliffe, but mobile. Adult Little Gull on the Lune estuary near the pylons.

Dead Little Auk found on the tideline by Holgates caravan site (yesterday?) - not sure which county! Also at least two dead Razorbill in the inner Bay this last few days.