Sunday, 19 January 2014

Leftovers and residents in calm weather

Heysham Obs
Anyone wondering where Yellow-browed Warblers might be successfully wintering note 11 in Lazerote in the latest and final Birding World and we have just returned from Fuerteventura where we found 9 (and there are apparently others).  Four of these were in the relatively heavily vegetated Pajara and two in nearby Betancuria.  Wintering birds seem very vocal c/p autumn migrants and defending individuals trees against marauding Chiffchaff.  Search time of suitable habitat gave a ratio of about one discovery per two hours as we were obviously doing other more deserty things during the week.

Meanwhile - half a webs count today included..........

Kittiwake - 2 ad, 2 2CY harbour
Wigeon - 77
Little Gull - 2CY
Med Gull - 3 adult

Middleton not checked