Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Birding improves as the weather deteriorates

Heysham Obs
Red Nab/north harbour wall am
It took 45 minutes of intensive birding (i.e. not reading the paper whilst "seawatching") to register anything worth mentioning this morning and the sum total 0815-0905hrs was:

Whimbrel - one Red Nab
Med. Gull - 2nd S Red Nab

There was absolutely nothing on the sea, despite a mod/fresh wind and incoming tide and this is currently contrasting sharply with Walney (& presumably the Blackpool open sea coast?). Poor visibility/intermittent squalls needed to disorientate 'standard' seabirds into the Bay at this time of year, or, in the case of multiple Storm Petrel, Heysham One outfall being back in action!

North harbour wall early pm
Following a couple of squalls, a Storm Petrel was slowly making its way out of the bay, just beyond the yellow buoys at 1410hrs - unfortunately lost it in the fairly rough sea as had to move car. Also 2nd S Med Gull just offshore

North harbour wall/stage 2 outfall late afternoon
Storm Petrel - one appeared in the 'flat' foaming sea left by the Seacat turning round the end of the wooden jetty, then probably followed it out
Med Gull - 2 moulting 2nd S birds on the outfalls together
Arctic Tern - adult on the outfalls
Kittiwake - adult on the outfalls
Common Tern - adult flew out of the bay

Pristine Old Lady moth in home trap at High Tatham. Spoonbill still at Leighton Moss last night at least (elusive because it/they are frequenting pools surrounded by reeds), 3 Little Egret today on Allen/EM Pools. Adult and 2nd S Yellow-legged Gulls at Glasson

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