Thursday, 2 February 2012

2011 Heysham Obs report ready

Heysham Obs
The 2011 report is ready and printed.  Thanks very much to Tony Moriarty for facilitating this and EDF Energy for use of their photocopier.  The report can be obtained from Heysham NR office or Leighton Moss for £2-50 per copy

As Heysham is primarily a migration monitoring site, it acts as a barometer for what is going on at the relevant time of year in a wider regional context.  So even if you have no intention of visiting, the content is by no means 'site-specific' and will be useful if you want to learn about general migration in this area, the species involved and the time of year to look for them.  For example, the seabird information will be helpful if it is more convenient for you to watch from the Stone Jetty, the Carnforth Slag Tips or Jenny Brown's Point as a significant proportion of the same birds are involved on any given day.

Anyone wanting a postal copy, please send a cheque for £3-50 (not £3 as was accidentally published elsewhere) to Pete Marsh, Leck View Cottage, Ashley's Farm, High Tatham LA2 8PH & dont forget to leave your address!

Heysham NR
Siskin - male in the alders giving a short burst of song
Water Rail - at least one, probably two in the reedbed

Harbour pm
Shag - 6
Kittiwake - c15
Guillemot - 1

North wall pm
Twite - 16 in the afternoon, c30 reported in the morning
Linnet - 3
Goldfinch - 1
Blackbird - 1
Eider - 2 males
Thanks Pete

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