Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A much quieter and colder day

Heysham Obs
Bitty coverage due to work and maybe lack of incentive produced:

Ocean Edge 20 minutes 0930-0950hrs
Swallow - 102 NE (over 1000 in four hours 0600-1000 over Rossall)
House Martin - 17 NE
Dunlin - 85
Grey Plover - 3
Med Gull - usual 2CY

Arctic Tern - flock of 31 mid-pm headed up the bay after a bout of feeding.  I wish Heysham One Power Station would get back on line as the favoured feeding area seems to be food-less at the moment and many recent sightings have been quite distant (but identifiable range from Common) flocks heading straight past!
Sandwich Tern - 4 early morning
Swift - one NE
Just a handful of swallows reported
The north wall appears to be wrong side of the PS for hirundine passage in these NE winds, also many of the birds which are coming through this side flying 'behind' observers through the harbour

Wheatear - c22 with a flock of 7 on Middleton NR and at least 10 in the Power Station non-op land but none on Ocean Edge!
No other indication of grounded migrants but no mist-netting today

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