Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Experimental photography

Heysham today.

Ocean Edge/Red Nab medium high tide
Grey Plover - 223
Bar-tailed Godwit - 270
Dunlin - 320
Ringed Plover - 32
Knot - 295
Oystercatcher - 5,650
Curlew - 52
Redshank - 480
Whimbrel - 1
Turnstone - 13 (+105 on wooden jetty)
Med Gull - 4 juvs, 2 ads, 2 2CY (& 2 juv, 1 Ad north wall area)
Little Gull - adult

Last night's Middleton Swallow roost
About 450 in the roost but did not arrive en masse until about 2015hrs and roosted in the more sheltered reed bed next to the gate in the western marsh.  Plenty of Sand Martin calls heard and 4/73 birds in the net were this species despite no tape. Just 3 adult Swallows ringed.


Stringer said...

Hi Pete

I use Microsoft ICE for this kind of image. It's a fee download panoramic image stitcher and will link up a number of images to create large panoramic landscapes.

It is really quick and easy to use and it also allows you to automatically crop the final image so you have neat edges.

I've only ever used mine to link up 2 or 3 images but I'm sure it would work on more....

Not sure if this might be the kind of thing you are interested in ? Just google it if you are.



Pete Marsh said...

Interesting. I used a free app for i-phone called 360 Panorama which automatically stitches the photo as you move round with the camera ( I should be able to put the photo on the site so you can enlarge it and scroll round the scene as if you were really there but haven't worked out the technical details to do that yet. I'm so technically challenged that I didn't know how to reply on this blogsite and PJM had to set up the comments section for me. Jean.
Message from Pete - if you get bored with ringing, try leaf-mining.
(Jean again - I think Pete must mean 'looking for leaf mines' as you're not tiny enough to fit in a leaf )