Saturday, 16 March 2013

More migratory blocking in cloud and rain

Heysham Obs
Ironically, give the wet conditions, offshore visibility was not too bad at low tide.  Presumably wasn't raining not too far to the west

North harbour wall
Rock Pipit - 1
Eider - c205
Red-throated Diver - just the one seen but fishing boat operating in Kent channel
Twite - c90 but uncooperative

Heysham NR
Post-rain ringing produced the highlight of an unringed Dunnock!  One Meadow Pipit flew NE

There have been no moths in the trap since 2nd March - this must be some kind of record for March, but perhaps hardly surprising in the weather conditions and looking likely to continue if there are none during a miniscule 'window' tonight


Rach Walsh said...

Hi Pete,
I was walking through Heysham NR yesterday and I could Hear this really loud bird. At first I thought it was someone whistling for their dog, as it was that loud!! but as I got nearer I realised it was a bird. I could t spot it , but I just wondered if you knew what it was

Pete Marsh said...

The loudest whistling noise on the reserve yesterday was a singing male Song Thrush. They also have a habit of singing at some ridiculous hour of the morning from television aerials! Hope that helps but you really need to see it to be certain.



Rach Walsh said...

Ah thanks Pete. I thought that it might of been a Song Thrush. I listened to one sing on the RSPB website!