Monday, 15 July 2013


Heysham Obs
Ad summer Bonapartes Gull found early evening & showing well on/either side Heysham 2 outfall.  Thanks to David Talbot

More pics tomorrow..........

Much better weather today - flat light, no skin-burning sun, no heat-haze - perfect for gull watching with just enough wind to 'organise' the flocks at the same angle

Med Gull - 4 2CY (the German bird not seen), 3 3CY and at least 5 adults.  One of the 3CY has a below tarsus metal ring which should be 'gettable' via a pic and blow-up.  Three others have metal rings above the tarsus which are a real pain to do anything with when you are looking 'down' on the birds from the seawall and tarsal feathering covering half the ring.

Moths in SD36V
Be good to have a bio-blitz on here - the only dry land in SD36 - just the right size to comprehensively survey as per Eric Greenwood and the late Jennifer Newton with respect to the flora. Indeed, the flora could do with re-surveying as there have been quite a few recent changes, notably an influx of stabilising sand and associated flora.  The composition of the modest catch in an actinic was just like a segment from e.g. Walney Island with White-line Dart dominating

All these were new 10km square records!:   Lime-speck Pug (5), Garden Tiger, Agapeta hamana, White-line Dart (20), Shoulder-striped Wainscot (2), Rustic (2), Uncertain (1), Crambus perlella (6), Crambus pascuella, Clay, Bryotropha affinis and another micro still to look at.


Gully said...

To whom it may concern, where is the second outfall pipe, i would love to see this bird. Can you give accurate directions to the obs and thento the area?


Pete Marsh said...

Go to the map at the bottom of the screen. Thanks. Park by tall mast just before Ocean Edge caravan park. Need a lot of patience but Heysham 2 outfall and area best nearer high tide and seaward end of Heysham one outfall (tricky & long range) at low tide