Friday, 29 May 2015

Thursday 28th May

Heysham Obs
Roof nesting gull census today comprising buildings on
a) the power station non-operational land  (LB 14 nests, GB 1 nest)
b) Fisher's Roof and adjacent building at the harbour (LB 82 nests, HG 35 nests),
c) Centrica building along the North Harbour Wall (LB 15 nests, HG 7 nests),
d) Ocean Edge caravan park reception building (LB 10 nests, HG 1 nest) and
e) Middleton industrial estate (LB 41 nests, HG 17 nests)

Therefore a total of 163 Lesser Black-backed Gull nests, 60 Herring Gull nests and 1 Great Black-backed Gull nest. 

There were probably more nests on the Centrica building but it was difficult to see the rooftops properly.

Gannet - two far offshore

Common Gull - 194 outfalls

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