Wednesday, 13 June 2018


There were two dangerous off-lead dogs on Middleton NR and surrounding area today with a single male owner.   They were either Dobermann or very similar.   A photographer was attacked and bitten on the back of the leg after repeatedly having to fend one of them off.   Unacceptable.  Any other incidents/idea who this is please?

Incoming tide outfalls/ocean edge
2cy med gull
Black-headed gull - 175
Common gull - 16
Whimbrel - 1


Keith Pott said...

Went to twitch the Iceland Gull that was at the waterfall area earlier in the year as i walked through the nature reserve i came across a bloke with 2 Doberman looking dogs both of leads who was chating to a lady with a small dog and i passed by without incident but it was still un nerving to be in a fairly isolated place with 2 large dogs wandering around i thought dogs had to be on leads in public areas?

Pete Marsh said...

Thanks for letting us know about this, Keith