Sunday, 10 February 2019

Pochard after the winds

Two male Pochard on Middleton this morning, presumably the Glasson birds.

Middleton Nature Reserve
Main pond:
Mute 2 adult plus 1 juv
Moorhen 1
Mallard 2

No swimming pond:
Mute 2
Moorhen 1
Pochard 2 males
Tufted 3 (2m)
Shoveler 2 (m&f)
Gadwall 11
Teal 12

Tim Butler 
Mute 2
Moorhen 4
Gadwall 2
Teal c20
Mallard 2

Fence pond
Mallard 2

Woodcock 2
Goldcrest 2
Green woodpecker 1
Water Rail 1
Meadow pipit 1

3 Pale- bellied Brent at Red Nab 13:15

Rock Pipit - Near Naze

Seven Knot rings read from old Heliport wall, details to follow.

The two Pochard with a preening Gagwall

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