Tuesday 17 February 2015

Congested NHWall

Heysham North Harbour Wall
Notwithstanding 4 cars, 1 large four-track and a camper van and some chatting fishermen, a decent finch flock of 40+ birds arrived and the majority dropped onto the feeding area. We were not able to fire the net since some were standing on the furled net. However, they flew and a reasonable proportion returned allowing 12 birds to be caught:

Twite - 11 including 4 retraps and 7 new birds.  Of the new birds 4 were probably adults - a high proportion.
Linnet - 1

Kittiwakes - 7 flew into the Bay at 0830hrs
Hybrid crow, unfortunately not a "pure" hooded crow, flew into the Bay at 0840hrs

Heysham Reserve
No sight or sound of the Cetti's Warbler around lunchtime.

Near Naze
Knot - 800 at high tide

Red Nab
Oystercatcher - 1087 at high tide

Heysham One outfall
Wigeon - 170 at low tide

Other areas
Jay - 3 were seen flying to the NE over Trumacar Store at 08.30