Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bonaparte's Gull!

Heysham Obs
Yesterdays sightings
Yesterday morning, Jean Roberts went to check the gulls on the outfalls with the aim of finding an "about time" Bonaparte's Gull amongst the hordes.  No Bonaparte's Gull but a valuable reading of the green-ringed 2CY Med:

Ringed: Pionierinsel, Germany, 53 35N 9.36 E  Nestling      16/6/12
Seen Heysham outfalls: 13/7/13 and presumably this several times over the previous fortnight

Then in the evening, Ian Walker had the presence of mind to photograph a small gull in very poor late afternoon light as it roosted, partially obscured, on Red Nab at 1630hrs.  Initially thought to be a Little Gull, close perusal of the single photograph led to the observer to realise the identity:

Todays sightings
Mediterranean Gull - 6 adult, possibly 7, 3CY and 2CY
No sign of the Bonaparte's Gull on afternoon tide..............but please keep looking.  There is a long history of birds coming and going from here and other local roosts/feeding areas at this time of year.  Prime sites to check are Cocker's Dyke, Bank End and Glasson