Saturday 1 February 2020

Wind a nuisance, but doesn't provide

Brent goose - at 08:45 there were 11 pale-bellied on pool in the centre of Heysham skeer. Then at 09:00 a flock of c40 Brent flew in from west and landed and started feeding in rocks near the corner of skeer. By 10:00  (low water) the 11 were feeding on shallow water in the SE corner of skeer and the c40 still feeding in rocks. So there should have been c50 to be seen out from the play area as the tide came in. Unfortunately, the only known check was too late as the wind was already crashing waves up the sea wall.
Better conditions tomorrow should provide good views early afternoon (providing the birds oblige).

Eider c10

Nothing more interesting than Common gulls followed in the IOM ferry