Wednesday 21 October 2020

Undisturbed saltmarsh at high water = birds

Wind from SW, rain for most of the morning some sunny spells by the afternoon.

The last of the current spring tides today, 9.20 metres is just enough to cover the saltmarsh in these relatively calm conditions. Normally, by the end of a set of high tides, the Snipe have got fed up of being flushed twice a day, and so numbers dwindle. Not so today, possibly because there seemed to have been little human and canine disturbance.

Saltmarsh - high water 15:10
Common Snipe 15
Jack Snipe 2
Wigeon c 80 feeding in the saltmarsh margins.

Reed Bunting 3 - at least two moved quickly on
Linnet 13
Meadow Pipit 1 grounded
Rock Pipit - none
Wheatear 2. One was a particularly plump rufous bird
Surely one of  the Greenland Race (MD)

Whooper Swan 9. 14:50 they came low above the foreshore before cutting over to Potts Corner and continued south

There was a mixed tit, mainly Long-tailed Tit, feeding group in the copse behind Red Nab. Including:
Goldcrest at least 2
Goldcrest feeding in crevices in a fence post

Blackcap 1 female - not sure if it was actually with the feeding flock or just in the same tree.
Blackcap bottom left. This bird is ringed.

Kevin took this shot of a beleaguered looking Pinkfoot. Hopefully just taking a rest in the harbour.