Wednesday 24 July 2013

Med Gulls

Heysham Obs
Thanks to Mark Breaks, Jean Roberts, Pete Woodruff, Mike Watson, Chris Batty and especially Gav Thomas for going through the Meds and coming up with an excellent series of colour ring sightings, including three ringed on the same day at a German colony.  Special thanks to Ian Walker for finding the Bonaparte's Gull and catalysing visits from birders as the three main local observers were all unfortunately incapacitated for most of this month.  Hope you recover from your op soon, Pete (Cook).

German-ringed birds
AKZH, AKUR, AKRS were all ringed as nestlings at Pionierinsel, Luhe, Niedersachsen 53 35N 9 36E on 16/6/12

Polish-ringed bird
PNE7 was ringed as a nestling at Otmuchow, Opolskie  50 27N 17 14E on 10/6/11 (1420km)

An as yet unknown adult is pictured below along with one of the German-ringed birds:

   Thanks Gav for these

No sign of the Bonaparte's Gull today but about 13 Meds on the incoming tide but many birds had already anticipated the high tide and had headed off to the south.  So the Bonaparte's could quite easily be still here if people searched intensively at low tide 

The new bulb did well with four species of Footman and 56 species in total