Friday 30 June 2023

Goosander "lingers" and Silver Y invasion continues.

A fresh SW wind with some heavy squalls. The rain started about 08:00 with only a few short dry spells for the rest of the day.

Anticipating a washout today, I saved some shots from yesterday. These two are from Kevin Singleton on Heysham Head.
A nice bright Goldfinch - obviously not from today

Rock Pipit

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
Goosander 1 juvenile - the reason "lingers" is in inverted commas in today's title is because I'm not sure if it lingered or returned. I arrived at the main pond at 09:30 and had failed to locate the (relatively large) bird in 10 minutes. I just popped across to check the "no swimming" pond and when I returned it was in the middle of the main pond fishing. And fishing with gusto! Same technique, snorkel then a quick dive, there were obviously plenty of fish to catch its eye. I didn't see it catch one this morning, but I only watched for a couple of minutes as it was lashing down. 
I called in again at 16:00, it was still there, no longer fishing, but cruising around the pond preening. Presumably well fed.

South shore (MD)
Mediterranean gulls 5 was the most seen at one time. There was an adult and a first summer on Red Nab and another adult on saltmarsh beach at high water. There were 3 adult and 2 first summer on beach near the wooden jetty and occasionally on the outflow, towards low water.
Adult Mediterranean gull
Another sunlit shot from yesterday, the same scene today, but in pouring rain!

Rock Pipit 1 near the lighthouse - we both sheltered from a heavy squall in the lee of the lighthouse for a while.
Linnet 5 near Lighthouse 6 on saltmarsh 
One of yesterday's saltmarsh Linnets

Finally, this from Kevin Eaves:
Following on from Janet's comment about the number of Silver Ys yesterday, I had 18 in the trap last night!