Saturday 6 June 2020

Mainly miscellany

The overnight winds turned towards the NW and eased quickly. I've not heard of anything of interest on the sea as yet (MD) - possibly more later

Lighthouse area - two short visits
Rock Pipits - 1 standing over nest site, plus 2 flying around with trailing bird constantly calling. Suggested adult with juvenile in tow, but I  didn't get a decent look.
Dunnock - resident birds have at least one newly fledged young.
Just the one sentinel Rock Pipit
A couple of moths sheltering from the wind. A Cinnabar plus this Yellow Shell
The worn wings are typical of insects seen in this area, which have normally arrived in off the sea.

A grey seal was slowly drifting with the ebbing tide, some way out. It appeared to be asleep.
But, it did manage a yawn - it really was that exciting!

These Lesser Black-Backed gull's chicks are well camouflaged on the ferry terminal roof. There are two, centre left.
Thanks Kevin

Heysham Nature Reserve - KE
This is a nice sheltered reserve, with plenty of flowering plants attracting many and varied insects.
The Bee Orchids are now showing well on the central plateau

Immature Red-legged Shieldbug

Female Common Blue

Toad in the hole
Janet took this on Middleton Nature Reserve - this Common Toad has puffed itself up to look intimidating - it works!