Thursday 21 January 2021

Ferry frustration

The forecast strong WSW to W winds materialised. Some heavy showers in the morning, but plenty of sunshine in between. The wind started to ease after lunch and the showers stopped.

A short sea watch, looking out from the inner harbour while awaiting the lunchtime ferry:
Kittiwake 1 adult out
Common Scoter 2 drakes out
Mediterranean gull 1 adult flew into the harbour
Unfortunately the Ferry had to anchor up off shore, presumably to wait till the incoming tide provided a greater depth in the channel. When it finally arrived 45 minutes late there was nothing of note behind it, presumably anything that followed it in had drifted away when it was anchored up.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
A quick check of the "no swimming" pond found that the Gadwall had returned. There were 26, but not feeding just resting on the, still deep, water.
Shoveler 2
Little Grebe 1
Coot 4

Children's play area out from Knowlys Road
Pale-bellied Brett goose 29 - originally there were two groups of 22 and 7 at 14:40, but they were spooked twice by dog walkers while I was watching. Both times they all flew off north a 100m or so and then flew back when the walkers had moved on. How many times they would do this I don't know.

This is them flying back to the play area, 
Two of these birds were the regular blue/red ringed visitors 

This is a few seconds later, they are already starting to spit into two groups again
It's looking very favourable for a repeat performance tomorrow, it's a very low neap tide, which so far this winter has provided the maximum Brent numbers here over the tide cycle.