Saturday, 18 July 2009

The early bird catches two seabirds

***Doubtfully any Storm Petrel weather tomorrow, not windy or squally enough on the latest forecast - already been contacted by targeters re-the time and place for them based on the forecast & posting two days ago! The next hour (posted at 1900hrs) looks possible for a few bits and bobs

Heysham Obs
..........whilst the latecomers managed one each

Some stunningly desultory seawatching at various times in a wind which was too far to the north west was won by Malcolm with two seabirds
Gannet - one out 0700ish
Manx Shearwater - one in then out 0700ish, one out 0900ish
Fulmar - one across the mouth of the bay

North harbour wall
Common Sandpiper - one

Red Nab/Ocean Edge foreshore
Med Gull - 3 adults, one 2CY

Really poor recently in this area; due a Pec at the EM Pools at the very least