Saturday 20 July 2013

Dark Green Fritillary weather and belated Red-veined Darter

Heysham Obs
Just received info this pm that Red-veined Darter was identified & photographed on Middleton model boat pond yesterday and the photos seen today.  To the photographer: please can you pass on records - it was only pure chance another dragonfly enthusiast saw your pics today.  Thanks! 

A thirty minute vigil 1525 onwards today produced a red darter briefly over the water in the NE corner which then disappeared but the over-water flight was spot-on for red-veined = hugging the water with sharp turns

Thanks to Mike Watson for this pic taken this morning

The Bonaparte's Gull was performing well this morning between Heysham 2 outfall and Red Nab along with Meds PNE7 and AKRS.  Please don't send the darvic-ringed Meds in directly but please send to me and I'll make sure you are acknowledged Thanks very much and this saves a bit of admin for the ringers. On the other hand, please don't assume the bird you see has already been read, especially if you manage any of the metal-only-ringed birds!

Other birds included a notable 6 Common Tern heading north, three Whimbrel, at least 10 Med Gulls.  Thanks for these Mike

We were only saying yesterday that this sort of weather could produce a wandering Dark Green Fritillary as per previous years.  This happened today with one below the classroom late morning and is about the fourth such record over the years