Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Bits and bobs over the sea

Some pics from yesterdays firsts of the season on Heysham NR: Thanks Janet

Nothing to dissipate the premature end of spring season feeling - we need some heavy showers - but at least the sea offers a visual opportunity for the dribs and drabs as opposed to trying to find the one decent bird in the bushes when there is so much vegetation here

Sea 0700-0830
Arctic Tern - flock of 10 in
Gannet - 7 in, one out
Razorbill/Guillemot - 3 out
Common Scoter - 42 in, one out
Sandwich tern - at least 11 flying backwards and forwards
Swallow - 15 in

Rock Pipits still feeding young in the nest

Red Nab/Ocean Edge
Pink-footed Goose - single on Red Nab
Mute Swan - 4 x 2CY sitting on mudflats
Little Egret - 4

Beasties on seawatch
Grey Seal - 2
Harbour Porpoise - 1

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid afternoon (MD)
Dragon flies:
Four-spotted chaser 3

Broad-bodied chaser 1

Damselflies - several of each
Common blue
Large red

Butterflies and moth:
Orange tip - lots
Peacock 6
Green-veined white 10
Small heath 3

Mother Shipton 1