Thursday, 17 June 2010

Where are the small seagulls?

Heysham Obs
...........either late or there is no food on the outfalls due to 'outages'.  Just five Black-headed Gulls Red Nab on the incoming tide

Ringing by the office
A couple of hours confirmed the first successful breeding of Willow Warbler on the reserve for 'some years' with the capture of three recently fledged young.  A couple of unringed and a couple of ringed adult Whitethroat & juveniles of  Lesser Whitethroat, Robin & Blue Tit completed the haul

Breeding birds
Oystercatcher actually at the egg laying stage on the non-operational land after several years of showing interest - a new tetrad & site breeding record.  Also a re-laying Ringed Plover on four eggs

Painted Lady - by the office
Small Skipper - first of the summer (& plenty of Large Skipper)
Black-tailed Skimmer - 5 males Middleton model boat pond but no sign of any darters
Double Dart - first of the year in the trap