Sunday 5 July 2020

Good coverage and excellent records

The SW winds blew hard, and, mercifully the rains largely held off till later in the afternoon.
Several observers contributed to today’s records: SC, PC, MJ, NG, KE, JR, PM, MD . Thanks to all.

Today’s morning seabirds from Heyshsm/Stone Jetty: 
Bonxie - 1 plus 2 out (0725 & 0800)
Kittiwake flock of 69 in
Fulmar 1 out
Manx  Shearwater2 out
Gannet c15 out
Common Tern at least 6 (one 2cy)
Arctic Tern - 1 adult
Mediterranean gull 11 on Red Nab: 3 ad, 6 3cy, 2 2cy. One 3cy plus one 2cy On the saltmarsh, but could have come from Red Nab

One of the adult Mediterranean gulls had a white darvic ring. Matt came tantalising close to reading it. Almost impossible with the driving wind and Red Nab rocks.

One of the adult Common Tern had a damaged upper mandible - thanks Kevin

North Harbour Wall early afternoon.
Fulmar 1, 
Kittiwake  2 adult
Gannet 5 out 

Outflows, early evening
Common Tern 2 adult plus 1 2nd calendar year

The 2cy Common Tern with no moult contrast creating the wedge.