Sunday 6 February 2022

At least one of the Little gulls still around

The continuing very strong west wind in the morning veered more to the north, but no more than WNW by the afternoon. Some very heavy showers, some of hail.

South shore late morning flood tide.
Little gull 1 adult seen by Shaun from the south shore, heading toward the north side.

A group walk along the south shore, organised by "The Bay:A Blueprint for Recovery" was very fortunate with the weather, we just caught one short squall as we were leaving. But slightly unfortunate, as some of the regular recent birds failed to show today. No matter, today (and future events) was about showing interested people local walks so that they can enjoy the wildlife whenever they wish. 
Wigeon c150 in the channel next to No.1 outflow  waiting to get to Red Nab.
Shelduck 23 arriving at Red Nab as we were leaving
Pale-bellied Brent goose 36 - flew past the lighthouse on their way to Red Nab
Two of today's party watching the Brent fly past the lighthouse 
It was the cloud on the horizon that eventually caught up with us
Lots of Curlew showing well as they battled high against the wind, also Oystercatcher and Redshank. Unfortunately, no Shag on show (after showing so well in previous days), and even more surprising no Rock Pipits seen or heard - still a good time was had by all.

Horse paddocks 
Mediterranean gull 1 adult - ref Pete
I checked at high water again, no sign of yesterday's Little gulls or Sanderling but there was this "group" of 41 Ringed Plover. I put group in inverted commas as they did seem to be quite socially distanced.....

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just a quick check on the way home
Wildfowl pretty much unchanged, although we are back to two female and two male Shoveler. One male not yet in full breeding plumage. I actually took this clip yesterday to demonstrate the difference between the two male plumages.

This clip is from today, it starts with two Little grebes. Watch the one on the left, it has caught a fish. I know there are Perch in this pond, but this fish doesn't look like a Perch, but presumably it is, as the only other fish I can think of like this would be a Minnow. But this isn't typical Minnow habitat, plus this fish takes a bit of swallowing, which would be required for a Perch which have very sharp dorsal fin spines.