Tuesday 14 May 2024

Short, but reasonably sweet.

It rained all day till mid afternoon. A light SE breeze.

It wasn't the weather but other commitments today that prevented me getting out till 19:30 (Malcolm). The ebbing tide was just beginning to expose the rocks of the inner skear so I'd planned to check there, and it proved worthwhile.
Eider 51
Common Scoter 3
This clip shows some of the Eider, the 3 smaller ducks at the end of the clip are Common Scoter.

Great Crested Grebe 6 - these two are reaffirming their bond.

Sandwich Tern 3 north together.
Sandwich Terns against the low evening light

Little Egret 3
Little Egret, similarly silhouetted 

Swift 1 north

Oystercatcher 150
Knot 280
Turnstone 9
Sanderling 88 - there was a flock of 77 already on the rocks as I arrived. Most making no attempt to feed, just preening and resting. This is only c200m from the sea wall, you can hear laughter from the promenade.

After a while they started grouping together and were clearly getting ready to move on.


I had expected them to land on some of the newly exposed skear, but they just continued north. A little later another flock of 11 flew past me and also continued north.