Friday 5 January 2024

At least we managed a "seen from" Ibis.

Calm at times, some variable light breezes. Just one heavy morning shower.

North shore (MD)
An afternoon check from the promenade couldn't locate any Brent Geese.

Imperial Rd (MD)
Buzzard 2 - a dark bird and this light one flying to the trees from the bypass


Redwing 11
Redwing and a Greenfinch

Neither Cetti's heard today.
This female Roe Deer hadn't noticed me.

Then she spots me. You can see her smelling the air, I can't have smelt threatening, as she continued feeding.

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
A check just before dusk.
Mute, Coot, Moorhen and Mallard unchanged.
Gadwall 10
Little Grebe 1 on the "no swimming" pond - this pond is 2m above its normal level again, the pumping system isn't working as effectively as it normally does.
Redwing 1
Stock Dove 2

The reason for the late visit was that myself and Shaun were trying to see where the Glossy Ibis headed to roost. Shaun watched from behind Middleton Parish Hall and rang me when it set off. It was later this evening, 16:17, and its departure coincided with a lot of Carrion Crow activity, which may have modified its behaviour. It left on the north side of the Hall today and was quickly out of sight to Shaun.
I was on the hill on the southern section of Middleton Nature Reserve and obviously within the recording area. I was confident that I would be able to watch its flight line, but all I saw was it lifting then dropping back down again out of sight. It either landed close to where it had been feeding or continued very low.
This is the view I had of Middleton Village from the hill. This shot was taken earlier
before the light faded. The Ibis showed just behind the tall building in the middle.

The arrow points from where I was stood to the tall building in the picture above.
You can see that it is directly in line with the Village Hall to the right.
(That's the main pond top left, and you can just see the edge of the "no swimming" pond, left of that.

So my view must have been when it gained height to clear the buildings next to the Hall. At least this elevates the 2024 status from "just outside the recording area" to "seen from the recording area" (earlier sightings of it within the recording area were in 2023)
Afterwards we checked any likely roosting sights close to the Hall, and tried to establish better vantage points in the Village. We will be trying again, when time, and the bird, allows.