Friday 15 September 2023

The one that got away......for now at least

Very light variable breeze. Some light showers.

Heysham Nature Reserve 
Report from Jean:
Nothing migrating overhead at Heysham NR this morning but 
8 Chiffchaffs, 
8 Coal Tits, 
3 Goldcrests 
and another Sedge Warbler creeping through the bushes.

South Shore
Pete had a look early on 
Mediterranean gulls 11
Ringed Plover 12 inshore

I had a walk along the sea wall then out onto the shore beyond the saltmarsh (MD)
Wheatear 1 on Red Nab 2 near the lighthouse. The foreshore wasn't checked in the morning but there were 14 in the afternoon so at least 17 for the day
Rock Pipits 6 - 1 near the waterfall and 2 along the sea wall. 3 on the foreshore in the afternoon.
Peregrine Falcon 1 flew into Power Station grounds
I checked the meds on Red Nab but couldn't see any ringed birds. There was a blue ringed Black-Headed gull, but it was the same one I read yesterday and originally saw on the 14/07/23.
Black-Headed gull ringed at Martin Mere 6/07/20

The walk on the shore didn't find much, but probably missed plenty! A smallish brown wader took flight from the cover of a water channel and headed south towards Potts Corner. Only seen from behind, it had a white rump, long looking wings giving it a leisurely looking flight. It continued south till out of sight. Its call ruled out Wood Sandpiper. A second thorough check of the shore late afternoon failed to relocate it. Will try again tomorrow.

These 23 Shelduck were heading north this afternoon 


Dunlin resting in a channel similar to where this morning's wader took flight from

Swallow 37 eventually headed south all between 15:45 and 16:00. At that time there was no wind, and they didn't seem to know which way to go.
The foreshore was full of life, there were Goldfinch 16 and Linnet 25 eating seeds.
The sun had come out briefly and the insects were rising and the Pied Wagtails (5), Wheatear (14) and  Rock Pipits (3) were also rising to catch them. I tried to get a clip of this Pied Wagtail catching flies, but ended up with the Linnet eating the Unscented Mayweed seeds, although you just get a glimpse of the wagtail flying up to catch a fly.

Quite a stocky Wheatear
The Rock Pipits weren't happy with all the activity on their patch.
Also along the foreshore, Robin 2, Wren 2 and Dunnock 1

Just out of the recording area - Middleton marsh
Pete had gone down to scan for the missing wader. No joy, but did see
Osprey 1 resting on a log on Middleton marsh