Tuesday 23 January 2024

A bit of a washout!

It rained all day, it rained very hard all day! The strong wind started from SE before moving to west by the afternoon, and becoming even stronger.

Just my stuff so far, and precious little of that (MD)

South shore 
A morning check along the sea wall, but only as far as No.2 outflow. The wind at that time, was in the wrong direction to blow in any sea birds and only Black-Headed Gulls and a couple of Common gulls on the outflow. 
Pale-bellied Brent geese 30 feeding on Red Nab. Literally feeding on top of Red Nab, the gutweed is so sparse now the geese had to clamber over the rocks to search any out. At least it gave an opportunity to see if any were ringed, but none seen.
Shelduck 7
Wigeon 100+

Imperial Rd
Buzzard 1 sat on the fence posts by the field on the west side watching a group of thrushes feed. These included:
Mistle Thrush 2
Blackbird 1
Redwing 7

Roe Deer 2 female
This female Roe deer is actually from yesterday, the torrential rain during today's 
visit wasn't conducive to photography 

Just out of the recording area - Middleton Parish Hall
Glossy Ibis 1
Green Sandpiper 1

Hopefully should be more productive tomorrow.