Thursday 13 August 2020

Visitors from the east

Again hot and sunny with breeze varying between NNE and NE.

Red Nab area early - mid morning (PM)
Mediterranean gull - at least 27
Sandwich Terns 37 - one flock
Grey Plover 320
Knot 1100  
Yellow Wagtail 1 juvenile on OE grass then flew on to saltmarsh

South shore (MD. KE)
Four checks to see in there were any insects coming in against the NE breeze - just a few Small White and Small Tortoiseshell. Plus this Migrant Hawker seen resting on the sea wall by Kevin.
Migrant Hawker resting on sea wall
after coming in against the quite brisk NE breeze.
Wheatear 4
Rock Pipit 3
There were at least 8 juvenile Oystercatchers with adults, waiting for the tide to expose the mud.
Three juvenile Oystercatcher in foreground 

Grey Wagtail recovery - see scheme details on right side bar.
Ringed: Heysham Nr 8/9/19 as 1st calendar year 
Seen Fife (female) 12/8/20.   250km NNE 
Photo: Ceres Burn, Thanks to Jonathan Dean and Chris Batty 

Today's title refers to a remarkable capture in Kevin's moth trap this morning SD46A
When I got to the trap this morning, I could see a large Hawk moth flying around inside. I got it into the greenhouse just in time, as it escaped from the trap. I managed to pot it and realised to my joy that it was a Bedstraw Hawk-moth. My joy turned to astonishment when I discovered another one lurking inside the trap.
The moth is a fairly regular migrant to the east coast
but is scarce in Lancashire.
so to have two is quite exceptional. 

Correction- on Tuesday I identified some purple flower spikes showing above the flood water, as "Spotted Orchid". A quick look today, now that the water has retreated revealed the leaves, clearly not spotted orchid (I did think they were late for here). Probably Purple Loosestrife - I've added today's picture to Tuesday's post - I should know better........always check! (MD)