Wednesday, 1 July 2020

From storm to flat calm

There was hardly any breeze this morning, and the sea, that just two days ago was a brown and white tempest, was a blue mirror! Later a gentle west breeze picked up and it was quite warm in the afternoon when the sun came out.

Red Nab on late Incoming tide - brief check (PM)
Mediterranean gull - one adult  Darvic ringed with what appeared to be yellow letters on dark blue background - four characters.
Six altogether (4 2cy, one 3cy and the above Ad).

Lighthouse area around 10:00 (MD)
Just a quick check.
Nothing on outflows

Rock Pipits
A bird waiting above nest hole with food in its bill. I assumed it would take the food to the hole when I backed off, but then it was joined by a second bird begging.

It was given one portion of food

The recipient didn't look like a juvenile (to me - I  could be wrong)

It kept begging and was fed two more times

The donator, now on left, went off with an empty bill. The recipient, retained the last portion of food in its bill and flew off towards the nest hole.
My interpretation, for what it's worth, was that this was the male feeding the female, who is either
laying or sitting on a second brood of eggs or small chicks.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Preliminary ringing report - Juvenile  Cetti’s was caught in western marsh and a reasonable selection of young and adult Warblers

Moth traps (PM)
Western marsh -  Agonopterix conterminella identity confirmed by John Girdley. Really nice catch including four species of Wainscot and 17 Double Dart with a further 6 Double Dart in central marsh trap.
 Silky Wainscot western and central marsh traps 
 Agonopterix conterminella

morning (JP) afternoon (MD)
Mute Swan - pair with 5 cygnets plus 2 adult and 2 2cy on main pond. Pair with 3 cygnets on "no swimming" pond. 1 adult on Tim Butler pond.
Coot 5 adult 2 young
Moorhen 6
Mallard 7 plus 1 with at least 9 well developed young
Tufted duck 1 male in eclipse
Little grebe 1 in summer plumage.

Black-Tailed Skimmer c5
Brown Hawker 1
Emperor several
Emerald damselfly

Plenty of Gatekeeper and Small Skippers. Plus
Comma 2
Ringlet 5
Thanks Janet